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Indian prostitute mum sparks storm with book

(China Daily)
Updated: 2005-12-20 06:49

NEW DELHI: Her long, wavy, black hair tied loosely in a knot, 50-year-old Nalini Jameela looks like any other Indian housewife.

Nalini Jameela (50) holds her book 'The Autobiography of a Sex Worker' in the southern Indian state of Kerala December 14, 2005. Her long, wavy, black hair tied loosely in a knot, Jameela looks like any other Indian housewife. But this attractive, largely uneducated mother of two is a best-selling author and prostitute whose outspoken views of sex work as an ordinary career choice have stirred controversy in conservative India. [Reuters]
But this attractive, largely uneducated mother of two is a best-selling author and prostitute whose outspoken views of sex work as a career choice have stirred controversy in conservative India.

Her "Autobiography of a Sex Worker," has angered both feminists, who say it glorifies sex work, and conservatives, who think prostitutes should keep quiet.

"I have written this book for other sex workers. I wanted to talk about it to remove the stigma," Jameela said. Her hometown was Kerala State.

"People think we are bad because we have sex for money. Nobody understands our grief."

Jameela was forced into prostitution 25 years ago when her first husband died, leaving her with a child to support. Sex work paid more than she was earning as a factory worker. She charges her clients between 500-1,000 rupees (US$11-US$22) per visit.

Her first customer was a policeman. When she came out of the room the next morning, she was beaten up by police on orders of another policeman she had turned down.

"I felt humiliated, but I had no option but to continue."

Book glorifies prostitution?

"Prostitution is considered as work" in the book, K. Ajitha, president of Anweshi, a Kerala women's group said. "I don't accept that. Women in prostitution have only the right to sell their bodies, they don't have the right to choose."

Written with I. Gopinath, an activist who works with sex workers, the book has sold more than 10,000 copies in less than six months in a market where 5,000 in a year is a best seller.

Jameela has so far earned 84,000 rupees (US$1,830) from book sales.

But in India, public displays of affection are frowned upon and talking about sex publicly is still taboo.

One popular south Indian actress has been pelted with sandals, tomatoes and rotten eggs and hauled before a court for suggesting women might have sex before marriage and telling men not to expect their brides to be virgins anymore.

Protests over her comments lasted more than a month.

Prostitution is outlawed, but India has more than 2 million sex workers living on the fringes of society. They have few rights and abuse by both customers and the police is common.

Commercial sex is one of the main drivers of the spread of HIV/AIDS and India has more than 5 million reported cases of people living with the virus, rivalling South Africa as the worst hit nation.

The US Central Intelligence Agency estimates more than 20 million people could be infected with HIV in India by 2010 and economists warn it could undermine India's rise to economic superpower status.

Alarmed by the rising numbers, the government's Planning Commission has recommended prostitution be legalized to help fight AIDS.

Many prostitutes are pushed into the trade by traffickers and by poverty and some, including thousands of girls smuggled in from Nepal each year, are held as sex slaves for a decade or more.

Against this backdrop, some women activists accuse Gopinath of interpreting Jameela's words in a way that glorifies prostitution.

"They cannot imagine that a woman on the street can say such things. I cannot imagine all this. These are Jameela's ideas, not mine," Gopinath says.

Says V.C. Harris, a professor at Kerala's MG University: "This is not a victim's book. One of the most striking things about the book is the confidence and inner strength that exudes from it."

Like many women in India, Jameela's education is minimal. She finished school after third grade, which is roughly about 7 years old. Over the years, she married three times and has two grown daughters, now both housewives.

"Autobiography of a Sex Worker" has brought a degree of fame, money and respect. Jameela's 24-year-old daughter Seena, married and pregnant with her first child, is happy with her mother's fame.

"Earlier, people used to say that because my mother is a prostitute, I must also be one. But now when they call me Nalini Jameela's daughter I feel very good," Seena says.

Neither Seena, nor her sister Latha, have followed their mother's footsteps, although Jameela says that she would not have stopped them from becoming prostitutes if they had wanted to.

(China Daily 12/20/2005 page6)

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Transsexuals protest police raid

MEXICO CITY (AP) | Nov 2, 10:05 AM

Police searching for male serial killer dressed as woman

Transexuals protested last week against a raid by Mexico City police that forcibly rounded them up, photographed them and took their fingerprints as part of a search for a serial killer who allegedly dresses as a woman to gain access to his victims.

Since 2003, Mexico City has been gripped by a series of a least five killings and possibly as many as 20 of older women living alone; in many cases, the assailant was described as a man dressed up as a nurse or social worker.

The transexuals, most of whom work as trassexual prostitutes, offered to join efforts to catch the killer known as the “Mataviejitas,” or “Old Lady Killer” but said the Oct. 14 raid was misdirected and had violated their civil rights.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sex plaza in Mexico gives new meaning to strip mall

Cultural taboos are tested in a new era of freedom

By S. Lynne Walker

MEXICO CITY – Which of these landmarks doesn't belong in Mexico City's historic center?

a. The Palace of Fine Arts

b. The Cathedral

c. The new sex plaza with 80,000 square feet of strip clubs, adult-movie theaters and boutiques stocked with sex toys

The angry buzz is that a blatant sex beacon has no place in the heart of this centuries-old city, setting the stage for a showdown over this month's opening of the firstsex mall in Latin America.

As topless posters go up in the three-story building and promoters schedule American porn stars for the opening, city officials are waffling over their approval and warning they may block the inauguration.

Yet in this very Catholic, very traditional country, there's no opposition from the church. And the mall is already attracting hand-holding couples and groups of women curious about the offerings.

In Mexico's new era of freedom of expression, ushered in by President Vicente Fox's government, sexual expression has blossomed.

Now everyone – from government officials to sexologists to priests – is confronting Mexicans' conflicted attitudes about sex.

"People secretly go to these places and then publicly criticize them. We cannot continue this double morality," said the Rev. José de Jesús Aguilar, deputy director of information for the archbishop's office inMexico City. "Every person has to decide for himself. If someone wants to try it out, then try it. If people are scandalized by what they see, then they should share their opinion."

Alberto Kibrit, the 24-year-old businessman who dreamed up the idea for the plaza, says it will help end taboos by drawing men and women and people of all sexual persuasions.

The mall's skylights, marble floors and rose-colored walls run counter to the sordid images of traditional sex shops. With more than 100 shops, it feels more like a shopping center than a sex palace.

It has a museum with exhibits about sexual practices around the world and a bookstore that offers sex manuals and children's books explaining reproduction.

Boutiques sell lingerie, exotic oils and French maid costumes. In the food court, exotic dancers strip to scanty underwear. Instead of after-dinner mints, they hand out condoms.

Opponents say the mall, which will also offer table dancing, live sex shows and XXX-rated movies, will draw prostitution to the colonial street that is just around the corner from the majestic Palace of Fine Arts.

"It can bring crime," said Erika Sarabia, assistant manager of the Krispy Kreme that opened next door a month ago. "We feel insecure because there will be a lot of people around here at night, and most of them will be men, or women who want them as clients."

Across the street, managers at the Pasteleria Ideal worry that the sex plaza will frighten away longtime customers. For 77 years, the bakery has sold breads and wedding cakes to downtown patrons.

"This is a place where families come," said sales manager Arturo Romo. "It is a long-standing tradition that parents and their children stop by on Saturday and Sunday."

There were once so many bakeries on the downtown street named 16 de Septiembre that "it was known as the street of pastries," Romo said. "Now, they've put a mall over there with all those adult products and hung a 20-foot-long banner saying it is the world'ssex capital."

Such complaints have made city officials consider backing away from final approval of the project, said Gerardo Zapata, spokesman for the government sector responsible for the city's historic center.

"There have been verbal complaints, there have been written complaints, there have been complaints to the media," Zapata said. "The problem is that this is a plaza that has been openly declared asex plaza. We have never had anything like that in Mexico."

The $12 million plaza was originally a high-tech mall full of computers and electronic devices. When that project failed, investors jumped at Kibrit's idea of turning the building into asex-oriented shopping center.

Zapata acknowledged there is a demand for the kind of merchandise and entertainment that the plaza offers.

Just two doors down from the Pastelería Ideal are an adult movie theater and a sex shop with hard-core porn videos.

"There are a lot of people who say, 'Thank you for permitting a plaza where we can buy sex toys.' They say it is not a sin, that there is nothing wrong with commercializing sex," Zapata said. "They think that we are on the way to becoming part of the First World, and that we ought to be mature citizens and accept this kind of plaza."

Kibrit is convinced that sex sells – especially in Mexico City.

"The good thing about this industry is that sex is for everyone, whether you're rich or poor, fat or skinny, young or old," he said. "And sex is for every day, it's not just for special occasions."

There aren't any official numbers on Mexico's sex industry, but Kibrit estimates Mexicans spend $1 billion a year in adult-movie theaters and sex shops and on telephone hotlines and erotic cable programming.

In sex shops alone, Kibrit said sales surged 10 percent in the past year. His survey found only 60 sex shops in a country with enough demand to support 600.

Kibrit, a bachelor whose girlfriend supports the idea of a sex plaza, tested his theory at two "sex expos" he staged in 2004 and in February.

Modeled after the Adult Entertainment Expo he visited in Las Vegas, it featured porn stars and booths of sexually explicit merchandise. His goal was to attract 20,000 people, but by the time the first expo closed, it had drawn 80,000.

"The first expo was a stampede," said Luis Perelman, vice president of the Mexican Association of Sexual Education and Sexology. "There were so many people there that you couldn't even walk. They bought everything."

Samuel Sadovich was stunned when he sold his entire inventory of racy underwear at the sex expo.

"The mentality has changed a lot in Mexico. It is opening, opening, opening," said Sadovich, 41, who owns Sexy Burger restaurant and an underwear shop in the sex plaza. "Young people are changing the way we think. Sex, love and rock and roll are overtaking Mexico."

Even the Catholic Church, which once emphasized that sex was for procreation, is beginning to acknowledge the need to lift the taboo from sexual activity.

"Human beings have the right to learn about their sexuality," said Aguilar, the church spokesman. "Our point of view is to educate people so they can make their own decisions."

Aguilar said church officials know they made a mistake when they publicly denounced a 2002 film, "The Crime of Father Amaro," about a priest who violated his vow of celibacy when he fell in love with a teenager.

"The minute the church spoke out against the movie, the box office sales for a bad movie went up," Aguilar said. "When the church prohibits without education it makes things more appetizing, more tempting. So if we say, 'Don't go to the plaza or you will be condemned,' that will certainly prompt more people to go."

Lizette Bolero intends to tell her girlfriends to check out the plaza.

"This is like a normal mall," said Bolero, 23, as she snapped pictures for her college newspaper at the Autonomous Metropolitan University. "It's not perverse. It's something you can enjoy, whether you're a woman or a man."

The sex plaza is designed to reach beyond the male audience and attract women looking for ways to express their sexuality.

The food court is already showcasing male dancers every afternoon. Soon male strippers will offer nightly shows for women.

That women are shopping at the plaza is "a demonstration that they also have desires and fantasies," said Perelman, who opened a bookstore in the plaza with manuals by recognizedsex experts.

Studies show that "50 percent of Mexican women don't have orgasms and many don't even know what an orgasm is," he said. "In Mexico, the less a woman knows, the less she asks, the more she is respected."

The plaza will help reduce that kind of sexual naivete, Perelman said, because "it takes away the fear that being openly sexual is perverted."

He says the mall also makes a powerful statement about Mexico's emerging sexual freedom.

"People are afraid that when you open your society up to this, it will be the end of the world – orgies, perversion. But when it is hidden, that is when there are abuses," he said. "This will help people stop approachingsex like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mexico will be at the vanguard of a sexual revolution."

S. Lynne Walker:

Sexo en 3D en la entrañas de Sex Capital

Sexo en 3D en la entrañas de Sex Capital

Ramón Ponce
El Universal
Sábado 29 deoctubre de 2005
Cine y Video

Si usted pensaba que las películas en tercera dimensión sólo eran para chavitos que se veían chistosos con sus lentes de cartón, entonces se va a sorprender al momento de observar cómo los adultos gozan y hasta estiran la mano para tocar un cuerpo que aparentemente está a su alcance. Eso se debe a que hoy abre sus puertas Cinema Sex, la primera sala en México y Latinoamérica que exhibe películas eróticas en tercera dimensión o lo que es lo mismo, enfrentito de uno mismo.

La sala se ubica en las entrañas del Sex Capital, centro comercial alusivo a la sexualidad que alberga a más de 80 establecimientos, y que abre sus puertas el día de hoy con la película Erótika Cinema Sex cuenta con dos salas tipo estadio, con capacidad para 100 personas por función y con todas las comodidades, a un costo de 35 pesos.

La capital del sexo, llamada así por su creador Alberto Kibrit, se ubica en la calle 16 de Septiembre, en pleno corazón del Centro Histórico y uno de sus objetivos es lograr que México se abra sin prejuicios a la cultura de la sexualidad.

"Aquí no hay tabúes. Todo lo inimaginable está en esta plaza.

Desde juguetes eróticos, cabinas con mujeres reales y cabinas de cine con los mejores títulos. Eso sí, sin ejercer la prostitución", dijo Kibrit.

Este concepto de plaza erótica que llega por vez primera al país, tendrá como atractivo principal los espectáculos eróticos en la sala gourmet (lugar para comer, pues): "El cliente que venga a nuestro centro comercial podrá apreciar espectáculos eróticos de diversos géneros, pues no estamos peleados con la diversidad sexual".

La clientela encontrará desde una muñeca inflable hasta una computadora con la que se puede hacer el sexo virtual con los mejores prototipos que el cliente elija del programa. "Aquí tenemos, en el Museo del Sexo, una computadora en la que los asistentes podrán tener sexo virtual . Entrar en este museo es un viaje a lo desconocido. Sólo hay que adquirir una tarjeta inteligente que se vende en la plaza", señaló Kibrit.

La capital del sexo cuenta con bares y discoteca, así como sala de cabinas y otra más de destreza, en la que el cliente podrá ganar, gracias a sus conocimientos y fuerza, obsequios eróticos.

"Todo esto es un conjunto de sorpresas donde el cliente tendrá una ameno recorrido", consideró el empresario, para luego aclarar que Sex Capital cuenta con todas las normas de seguridad que el gobierno capitalino exige: "Tenemos 50 cámaras de seguridad, así como guardias que vigilan los establecimientos. Todo esto es con el fin de que no haya comportamientos obscenos o algo que agreda a los clientes en el interior del inmueble, ya que estamos regidos por la ley. Es muy importante asentar que aquí no se ejercerá la prostitución", reiteró.

Tales of The Night Fairies

Tales of The Night Fairies


The Tales of the Night Fairies(1) is a 74 min documentary about the struggles of the women of DMSC, a collective of about 60, 000 sex workers in West Bengal, India who have come together to fight for their legal and social rights. One of their demands is that they should be recognised as labourers and allowed to form a trade union.

Tales of the Night Fairies (74-min) was completed in November 2002 and had its first public screening in January 28, 2003. It was first screened at the AWID's 9th International Forum on Women's Rights and Development at Guadalajara, Mexico. Thereafter it has been screened at the Asian Film Festival in Rome where it was part of a special focus on Calcutta. It was screened at "Warning Signs" a conference of Women Living Under Muslim Laws in London and recently at Another World Festival in Hyderabad. The film continues to be screened for different institutions and groups across the country.

Foreign "Girlfriend sex" vs. U.S. Sexworkers

Foreign "Girlfriend sex" vs. U.S. Sexworkers

While there are a few wonderful U.S. honest providers, they are rare compared to the huge majority of scam artists. This is partly due to the repressive sex laws that outlaw consenting adult freedoms. But more importantly is the attitude of many honest legitimate providers in the U.S. There have been many discussions about why many American men prefer foreign Sexworkers. Again there are exceptions in the U.S. of wonderfully warm providers and rip offs by foreign providers. But overall there is no contest - foreign providers provide more intimacy and have less of an attitude which is why so many men, including myself travel abroad for sexual fulfillment.

A newsgroup discussion, one of many is a good example that explains the view of many in the U.S. that enjoy sexual variety. They are public posts, however for privacy I have omitted most names. I have left in the screen names of some providers since they are very well known and publicly outspoken on the newsgroup. I have not corrected any misspellings. I simply share them as they appeared other than being edited down to excerpts to show the most important points and an occasional (bracketed comment by me) for clarification:

Subject: [ASP] Why do American service providers have such bad attitudes?
Date: 29 Jun 1999 04:29:50 GMT

Dr. Elders called for prostitution to be decriminalized.

Dr. Jocelyn Elders: March 1997 International Prostitution Conference highlights: Keynote speaker was Dr. Jocelyn Elders. Elders was surgeon general until Pres. Clinton fired her for supporting masturbation. Elders called for prostitution to be decriminalized. Dr. Elders has also said: "We say that [hookers] are selling their bodies, but how is that different from athletes? They're selling their bodies. Models? They're selling their bodies. Actors? They're selling their bodies." See

Sunday, September 11, 2005

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Escort in Monterrey, Mexico

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Sexy massage in Mexico City

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Sexy Massage in Monterrey, Mexico

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Chica Transvestite

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Escort Mexico City

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Myriam Andrea

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Sexy Escort in Monterrey, Mexico

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Sexy Escort in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Sexy Escort in Puebla, Mexico

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Escort Mexico City

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Universitarias de Puebla - Massage

Universitarias de Puebla

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Sexy Escort in Cancun, Mexico

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Chica Tranvestite Escort In Torreon, Mexico.

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Sexy Escort in Tampico, Mexico

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